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How We Help You

The quality of a company’s retirement-plan varies dramatically depending on who advises it.  High fees, poor investment choices and sub-optimal plan design are all too common.  At Strategic Advisors Retirement Group, we aim to improve these three critical components of your retirement plan. 

  • Whether an existing or new plan, we can structure it to maximize owners’ contributions and tax deferrals. 
  • One of our team members has been involved in retirement plans since 1975.
  • Fees, both administrative and fund-related, can almost always be reduced once we review the plan.

Lowering fees and high-grading investment choices can have dramatic effects on you and your employees’ financial health. A $2 million plan that improves performance from 6.5% annual growth to 7% annual growth generates an additional $700,000 of wealth for its participants at the end of 20 years.