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How We Work with ADP & Paychex

Many small- to mid-sized businesses piggyback their retirement plan on their payroll service that’s run  by either ADP or Paychex.  Often, these businesses don’t know that it is easy and often costless to add Strategic Advisors Retirement Group as an advisor to such plans.  Doing so provides multiple benefits:

  • It allows us to evaluate your plan to make sure that owners’ contributions are being maximized, that the fund lineup is excellent and that fees throughout the plan are as low as possible.
  • It gives you an extra layer of fiduciary protection.  Since both members of Strategic Advisors Retirement Group are Registered Investment Advisors, they are considered fiduciaries under the law and take such responsibility once they become advisors to your plan.
  • It affords you an ongoing source of plan consultation and review.  As your business grows and changes, it is often smart to change your retirement plan.  We can help with this.

This process is simple.  You fill out a form from your processor and we become your plan’s investment advisor.  Because we get paid by taking fees already embedded in the plan’s cost structure, it is usually costless to you and your plan.


ADP and Paychex welcome advisors like us onto their plans.  From a protection standpoint, it insulates them from fiduciary responsibility.  On a more positive note, because the plan now has professional advisors the payroll processors believe that it helps improve client satisfaction and retention.


Contact your ADP or Paychex representative to give us permission to review your plan.  We will come back to you with suggestions on how to optimize owners’ contributions, high-grade investment options and lower fees.  If you want to proceed, simply ask ADP or Paychex for the form required to make us your advisor.